There is a long list of people I need to thank. In Athens, I want to thank Voula, Muhammed, Shadi, Dimitris and Sarah, Ahmed, and of course Tassos, whose kindness and own artistic work continues to inspire me. In Milan I want to thank Doctor Maurizio Ambrosini and Doctor Samuele Davide Molli who helped me get to know the city and connected me to Jessica and everyone in her church, and Carmen and Lota from Santo Stefano (all of whom I am also thankful to). In Marseille I want to thank Stephanie for letting me tag along and meet really interesting people at the Hotel du Nord, and the venerable Thich Hanh Quang for his hospitality and openness. In Brussels I want to thank Doctor Elisabeth Mareels for taking me around the city and sharing her insightful work on Brazilian churches with me. I would also like to thank Pastor Nelson and the entire congregation of Iglesia Bautista Renovada¬†for helping me feel at home when I was so far away from my actual home. In Cologne I would like to thank Adnan whose gladly answered my questions both about the city and Islam in general. In Malmo I want to thank Fabio who put me in contact with Steve and his wife Barbara whose hospitality and kindness both toward me and in their work with refugees continues to inspire. I would also like to thank everyone at the Coptic service, Pastor Mats at Europaporten, and of course Jonida who did a spectacular job of teaching me about the Islamic Center while juggling her two children. In Toronto I want to thank Chaplain Mike for talking to me while I waited for my belongings to arrive about the city and his work at the airport. I’d also like to thank Pastor James and Lulu who made the long trip out to the suburbs very worthwhile. In Chicago I have to thank Daniel and his mom who graciously drove me around Elgin on a blistering day. I also want to thank Moondy who put me in contact with Aloune and Ket, both of whom were very open and willing to teach me about their community. I am also thankful to the monk I met whose name I cannot find in any of my notes; jet lagged and fresh from Laos but willing to meet with me. Thanks also to Pastor Johnson and Kari, who helped me step back in time to the early Norwegian days of Logan Square. Lastly, there are many people to thank in the Twin Cities metro. First and foremost is Santiago, who saved me from sulking in the park and made sure I had a solid time in Minnesota. I also want to thank Pastor Marvin for letting me take photos during the really cool service they had, as well as Pastora Betty who let me spend time with her new congregation. Lastly, I want to thank Pastor Juan for holding it down in Brooklyn Park for so many years.¬†